Los Angeles & Seattle based photographer, I believe both stories & art evoke emotions, capture truths and our aspirations. I'm not just for the adventurous, but you can find me in my free time climbing, hiking, or out in the mountains.

I can’t remember when I fell in love with photography, but from what I’ve been told, I was stealing my parents cameras before the age of 5. I was born and raised in Seattle; volcano’s, alpine gentian, wilderness, orcas, San Juan Islands… my own backyard was filled with beauty and wonder. Photography was a way to capture the joy I felt in these discoveries. I spent a lot of my Middle and High School days taking photography classes, but college came and I decided to go the more traditional route and focus on Accounting.

Flash forward 8 years my dad surprised me with a drone for a birthday gift. The photos and video I was able to capture were incredible, a completely different perspective. I started climbing, hiking, mountaineering; spending any chance I could get in the outdoors capturing my experiences.